Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner

The home of classic cars. Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner.

We are a Mercedes-Benz ClassicPartner.

With its classic partners, Mercedes-Benz establishes a network of specialists under a strong roof. We are pleased that we are one of the first selected partners who are allowed to wear this label. With our passion for young and vintage cars, we are your competent specialist for restoration, care and repair in the region.

Mercedes-Benz classic cars.

World champions, style icons, legends: Mercedes-Benz classic cars have gone down in automotive history. With us, the originals get the service they deserve – ranging from maintenance to restoration. With the expertise and knowledge of those of who built the vehicles. And here, of course, the originals are also available for you.

Mercedes-Benz Youngtimer.

We give Yountimerlovers a home. Authenticity and condition of your dream car are checked and certified, the value is preserved by careful maintenance. For this, our experts have exclusive access to the original drawings and extensive documents of the Daimler Archive.

A Mercedes – original part for original part

Every part, however as small as it is, gives a classic car ist idendity. Therfore we recommend using original parts. For each model, they are custom made based on the original plans and data. Even the tools used for production are originals. This is how, we preserve the uniqueness of your vehicle – piece by piece.

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