HEUSEL Classic

The fascination of classic cars.For us, a matter of highest priority.

When curves become the embodyment of fascination, and the eyes of the beholder begin to sparkle. When an engine sound causes goose bumps and the smell old leather raises childhood memories – then it must be a Mercedes-Benz classic.

Our Passion for Youngtimer and Classic cars began with a family heirloom : The Pagoda owned by the company founder Erwin Heusel. It was carefully stored for two decades in a garage. In 1993, for the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Fellbach, the 280SL was awoken from its deep slumber.

This was the hour of birth of HEUSEL Classic. In the last 20 years of our family business, a wide variety of various Mercedes-Benz Youngtimer and Classic cars were skillfully and lovingly restored, repaired and maintained by our Classic Team. We are proud to be selected by Mercedes-Benz because of our achievements in the last years and to be one of the first Mercedes-Benz Classic Partners as a family business.

We take our time for you and your individual requests. We prefer eye to eye contact. Axel and Steffen Biedermann both know that working with Youngtimer and Classic cars is an absolute matter of trust and are always available for the first contact.

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